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Get Started

Step 1 - Who it's for.

Boomer Web School is designed specifically for people born during the baby boomer generation, between 1946 and 1964.

  • Jan Golden, founder of Boomer Web School is a baby boomer, so all training is from the perspective of baby boomers.
  • We draw on life experiences, reinforced with analogies and concepts the younger generations didn't experience first-hand.
  • We teach iPhone, iPad and other Apple products. Sorry, we don't offer support for Android at this time.

Step 2 - Enroll in iPhone 101 - Build a Solid Foundation. 

Join us for this 10-week, online mentored training course where you'll learn the fundamentals, including:

  • How to effectively manage cellular data.
  • How to set up automatic backups to the cloud and make sure they're working.
  • Techniques for effectively managing your photos and videos.
  • Getting your email, contacts and calendars to work together.
  • How to find great apps, including how to manage your app purchases.
  • and much, much more!

See iPhone 101 - Build a Solid Foundation course details for more information.

Step 3 - Become Certified Tech-Savvy!

We are so confident that you'll be fundamentally transformed after you've completed the iPhone 101 course, that we'll certify you as tech-savvy.

That's right, you'll be "well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology."

Step 4 - Stay Current.

After you take a few weeks to get used to your new tech-savvy status, we'll be there to help you keep current:

  • Reach out when things go wrong, and we'll help you find the answer.
  • We'll provide essential information about changes in technology.
  • We'll connect you with a community of like-minded tech-savvy baby boomers!

Step 5 - Learn something new.

Alumni members of Boomer Web School will have access to continuing education, including: