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Course Details

iPhone 101 - Build a Solid Foundation

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What You'll Learn:

The topics are presented in an order that builds your knowledge as you go. It's important that you understand the concepts before moving on since knowledge is built each week.

For complete course information, Download the Syllabus.

Week 1 - iOS Overview

  • What is iOS?
  • Apple ID Overview
  • iOS Essentials

Week 2 - Getting Connected

  • Wi-Fi and Cellular Overview
  • Wi-Fi Settings
  • Managing Cellular Data

Week 3 - Cloud Overview

  • The Cloud Explained
  • Cloud Storage Options
  • Apple’s iCloud Overview

Week 4 -Privacy and Security

  • iPhone Security Overview
  • Password Management
  • 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

Week 5 - Managing Storage

  • iPhone Storage Overview
  • iPhone Storage Settings
  • Managing Storage Tips

Week 6 - Managing Photos

  • Photos App Overview
  • Organizing Photos
  • Finding and Sharing Photos

Week 7 - Managing Apps

  • App Store Overview
  • Finding Quality Apps
  • Organizing Apps

Week 8 - iOS Key Features

  • Keyboard Features
  • Sharing Features
  • Managing Contacts

Week 9 - Communication

  • Phone Features
  • Messaging App Overview
  • Mail App Overview

Week 10 - Maintenance

  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Battery Management
  • Maintenance Best Practices

When you've completed the 10-week course, you'll understand all of these fundamental concepts. Pretty awesome, eh?

Course Approach:

Using a Tell, Show and Do learning technique, you get comprehensive information about the weekly topic, followed by a screencast that shows you how to complete the task. You'll demonstrate your learning by completing an assignment.

  • Tell - Course content for each topic will be in the form of Boomer Web School videos, Boomer Web School reading material, and links to provide supporting information.
  • Show - We'll provide a screen cast, including a downloadable PDF with written instructions to show you how to perform each task.
  • Do - You'll be expected to complete an assignment for each topic to demonstrate proficiency in the task.

Your Mentor will be available for support along the way.

  • Mentors are there to help you if you get stuck, remove obstacles to learning, and validate that you're mastering each step before moving on.
  • Mentors will host a weekly video call, so you and your 30 classmates can ask questions about the topic.
  • Jan will be the mentor for the January of 2017. Future mentors will be graduates of the iPhone 101 - Build a Solid Foundation course. Apply to be a mentor.

What to Expect:

The course material is presented online via email, with links to your Student Portal page on Course material, mentor check-in's and assignments are due weekly following this schedule.

We’ll repeat this schedule each week, for 10 weeks until GRADUATION! 


If you're not satisfied after 30 days, you can request a full refund.

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